Sweet Mutterings

花間甜言蜜語是最好聽的一首歌曲. 但對於一些人來說, 是最難入耳, 甚至會感覺到心寒. 是歌是懼, 那就看你的歲數了. 年輕天真的十六, 不如經歷過狂風暴雨的失戀者. 甜言蜜語, 是真是偽, 唯有時間知曉.

辨材須待七年期 – 白居易, 放言五首之三部份

Sweet mutterings amidst the flowers is the most melodious song.  However to some, it is the most difficult thing to hear.  Even it may make the heart grows cold in fright.  Whether a song or fear depends on one’s age.  Young is the naive sweet sixteen, unlike those who had been jilted tumultuously.  Sweet mutterings, whether real or false, only time will tell.

To you I bestow a sure way to ease your doubts,
Need no tortoise shell to divine nor yarrow stalks to foretell.
Three days are needed to test if it is jade,
And seven years to determine if it is a camphor tree.


Lord Chou is afraid of the day when rumours spread,
Wang Mang courteous and respectful before his usurpation.
If one dies before his time,
Then neither truth or falsity will be known.


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