Midnight Hunt

Ride into the deepest night,
Thunderous clouds gather in fright.
Swifter than the midnight wind,
Demon rider flashing in evil grin.
Hell hounds and headless horse,
On a hunt with no pause.
Flee as fast as you can,
In pain, in torment you ran.


Little white hare look not back,
Just hear the whip goes whack, whack, whack.
Till the day you are behind,
Only then will peace and rest you find.

Who will be the brave one?
So forever, you must run, run, run!


Power leaping dangerously from my reins,
Blind love surging frantically in my veins.
Swifter than the midnight wind,
Desperate lover on needles and pins.
On my white horse with golden mane,
Calling out your name in vain.
Just hear my tears go drip, drip, drip.

Till the day you’re in my embrace,
The truth you’ll find and face.

Inspired by Right in the Night (and Love the Music) by Jam & Spoon.  I misheard the phrase and thought they sang, Ride in the Night.

Based on the Devonshire tale, Midnight Hunt of an old woman who, out of compassion, saved an enchanted hare accidentally from the devil during the eternal midnight hunt. 

Only when the hare is behind the hunting pack would the spell be broken and out from the old woman’s basket rose a maiden fair. 

This poem was written in 06 Dec 1993 from three angles, from the outsider, the pursued and the pursuer.


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