What is Love?

The original version says,

I said this but you said that.
You wanted to fly to the moon to dance but I wanted the pleasures of the lake.
I would like to have Cantonese but you hungered for Middle Eastern.
We are two different creatures.
For exactly twenty years,
Time flies like an arrow,
But we were never apart.
You let me have my way and I also budge.
If this is not love,
Then I know not its name.

The figurative Chinese translation is more natural in its medium to express the same thing.

我論天文, 你却話花間好.
你欲飛天奔月舞, 我仍留恋於湖間水.
我思食粵菜, 你痕試清真味.

Now translating back into English even in figurative terms…  Same intent but different imagery…

I discourse on the heavens but you insist that the flowery world is better.
You want to fly to the moon and dance but my love is still upon the lake waters.
I think of Cantonese food but you itch to try Muslim.
Two people, two hearts different.
Exactly twenty years,
Not once did we part.
You budge a step
I retreated a foot.
If this is not love,
Know not what this thing is between us.


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