Life’s A Short Dream

Saturday, February 12, 2011

For a few days I was doodling on one and half lines of

紅梅滿天疑是春, Red plum blossoms fill the sky and I wondered if it’s spring time yet.
白雪紛飛…          White snow flying profusely…

Then I was inspired by a post from a friend and was able to complete it within a few minutes…

life is beautiful and fragile too…

by Hui Tan on Friday, February 11, 2011 at 10:00pm

today, I was in a doctor’s office working as an interpreter, the poor guy was told that his cancer cell reoccurred in his liver and lungs, and the maximum time he could live is 12 months…he was very strong at the moment when he was told that, my heart was actually beatingt so fast and felt so sad for him..cause he is so young and cute…huge surprise to me, he even made a smile and told the doctor he would do anything to cooperate with the doctor….life is so fragile, my friends, let us enjoy every moment we have in a productive and loving way,,,,Thank you, my Lord…thank for all the blessing…please forgive me..

i cant get rid of his face right now….drinking some wine at home, alone…

紅梅滿天疑是春,      Red plum blossoms filled the sky and I wondered if it’s spring time yet.
白雪紛飛眼前冬,      White snow flying profusely before me I cannot deny it’s still winter.
苦酒獨酌難免愁,      Bitter is the wine as I pour alone in sorrow which I cannot escape.
霎時人間一塲夢.      How quickly a life time becomes a dream…


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