Peach Blossom Girl Magic Duel – Preface

Copyright © 2010 – Jeff Loh. All rights reserved

24 November 2010

The body does not deviate from its shadow; the shadow must follow its shape.  If the Yang does not rise against the Ying1, then Ying must follow the Yang.  When the shape deviates then its shadow will perish.  Thus when the Yang betrays the Ying, would not then the Ying descend into perverseness?

The name of this book, the ‘Ying Yang Duel’ is because Yang has betrayed the Ying.  Thus in such a perverse state how could Yin and Yang not be in conflict with each other?  The adage states that ‘in the end, form does not deviate from its shadow, Yang will not betray Ying.  Even though when there is conflict in the beginning, the end result is that they must resettle into equilibrium.  When equilibrium returns, harmony shall rise.  When Ying and Yang becomes one in harmony, enlightenment is ensured.  Once enlightenment is ensured, all traces of mortality are washed away. When worldly adulterations are gone, fantasies will disappear.  Hence, such is the result after ‘Ying Yang Duel’ is complete.  This is the order of things.

The year of Dao Guang2  of the 5th Heavenly Stem


1. I prefer this alternate spelling than the more standard spelling, ‘Yin’ because the number of letters in the word balances the number of letters of Yang, reflecting closely with the philosophy of Ying and Yang – the balance of everything. 

2. The 7th emperor of the Ch’ing Dynasty 16 September 1782 – 25 February 1850

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