Peach Blossom Girl Dueling Magic – Introduction

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24 November 2010

Inside the cover was the title, ‘Illustrated Tale of Ying Yang Conflict’.  On the left and right columns are illustrations of ‘Lord Chou – The Great Diviner’ and ‘Peach Blossom Girl Countering the Soul Crushing Charm’.  This story was handed through the ages in block printed editions.  The earliest known publication was printed in the 28th year of Emperor Dao Guang of the Ching Dynasty (1848) by the Hall of United Benefits when it was titled as “The Peach Girl Ying Yang Conflict Saga”.  In addition, in the same year, another publication came from the Hall of Orange Osmanthus and a newer edition in the 5th year of Emperor Tung Chih (1866).  This edition is very similar to the one from Hall of United Benefits but with a preface from Qui Ri Xiu who compiled it in the city of Xi Chang.  Qui Ri Xiu came from Xinjiang of the Jiang Xi Prefecture.  He was the number one scholar in the 4th year of Emperor Chien Lung (1739).   His highest official office reached was the Secretariat of the Works Department.

Other publications from the Emperor Kwang Hsu era (1800s) cane from the Shanghai and Shang Yang book companies.  The university library of Nankai has a hand copied edition of Chu Ren Xun from Tianjin, entitled, “Dueling Ying Yang”.  Yuan Wang Wah wrote a play based on the story and called it “Peach Blossom Girl Countering Spells From Lord Chou”.  It describes how a fortune-teller from Loyang, named Chou Kung (Kung – meaning lord or male, or in some versions, a different character meaning ‘respect’ was used) mastered the divinations of Ying and Yang and were so highly accurate that they were never wrong in predictions of good and bad fortunes.  One day he predicted that the son Shi Liu Chu of old lady Shi was to die at midnight while on a business trip.  Peach Blossom Girl heard of this predication and taught him a way out.  Chou was angry and proposed marriage to make Peach Blossom Girl his daughter-in-law as an excuse to rid of her during the wedding procession but his machinations were foiled by her.  They dueled a few more times but in the end it was Chou who was killed instead and had to admit his powers were inferior.  The novel is more accurate in depicting the period when the story took place with more colorful descriptions feats of magic.  The name of the book, “Ying Yang Duel” is to point out when chaos ensue, Ying and Yang are in conflict.  The moral of the tale stresses the importance of Ying and Yang in harmony, that Ying and Yang are merely different aspects of the same thing.


Tale of Peach Blossom Girl Ying Yang Conflict

Chapter 01 – In Mount Wandering Demons, the Buddhist Monk Blade transforms. A Virtuous Gentleman Hides in Morning Song to become a fortune-teller.

Chapter 02 – Nary A Flaw In His Miraculous Predictions, In Reckoning Heaven’s Schedule of Life and Death.

Chapter 03 – In Angering Heaven, A Girl Was Reincarnated, In Understanding The Way, A Beauty Reveals Secrets of Heaven.

Chapter 04 – Old Lady Shi Pleads To Save Her Only Son, Beauty Ren Uses Her Magical Skills.

Chapter 05 – A Way Out Sent From Afar, A Filial Son Escapes Calamity, Relying On Magical Arts, A Loving Mother Reunites With Her Son.

Chapter 06 – With Refunded Divination Fees, Mother and Son Give Thanks. A Faulty Divination, Master and Servant In Detailed Discussion.

Chapter 07 – Testing Divination Trigrams, Fateful News Arrives. Seeking Special Help, A Death Sentence Reprieved.

Chapter 08 – Old Mrs. Shi Leaks the Source Of Rescue, Peach Blossom Divulges A Divine Incantation.

Chapter 09 – While saving himself, Pang Jiang gains longevity, Lord Chou seething in anger as his prediction was broken.

Chapter 10 – Treachery Hidden In A Sham Marriage, A Trap Sprung To Force A Marriage.

Chapter 11 – Requesting Dowry Articles For A Vexing Marriage, Seeking Demonic Gods For An Evil Scheme.

Chapter 12 – To free from a trap, know its mechanism, To know the future, understand first its mysterious principles.

Chapter 13 – No bias When Orthodox and Unorthodox Gods Battle, The Genuine Triumphs Over the Fake, Yin and Yang Always Accurate

Chapter 14 – Peach Blossom Girl Uses Magic To Break Magic, Lord Chou Harming Others In Turn Harms Himself.

Chapter 15 – Peach Girl Thrice Foils The Great Dipper’s Power, Chou Chien Once More Lays A Demon Quelling Formation.

Chapter 16 – In The Battle Of Wits, Blurry Is The Demarcation As Ying And Yang Fights. Finally In Enlightenment, Two Saints Return To Their Proper Places.

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